At Pressman & Doyle, we represent individuals hurt on-the-job and in construction site injuries, and handle every aspect of these claims from initial investigation to trial. Our attorneys and staff are familiar with construction site accidents, including accidents caused by dangerous construction equipment and defective machinery, and we represent the victims of elevator accidents, crane accidents, electrocutions and other types of accidents. accidents, logging accidents and compressed gas accidents. These dangerous construction accidents often cause serious injuries, including spinal cord injuries, neck and back injuries, amputations, crushed limbs, burns, and brain injuries.

The attorneys and staff at Pressman & Doyle investigate construction jobsite accidents to determine who was responsible for the accident, including the property owners, general contractors, sub-contractors, architects, as well as the manufacturers of the construction equipment. We also assist our clients with obtaining workers’ compensation benefits as well as pursuing claims against the companies that run the construction sites and/or manufacture the defective products that often cause these serious injuries to our clients. Just as importantly, we investigate these claims thoroughly to assure that we can prove how the injuries occurred and who was responsible — and we make our sure our clients are compensated for their medical expenses, wage losses and their pain and suffering.

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